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Hi! My name is Sydney Loper, and I am a mom of 3, wife to Ryan, and founder of Acton Mobile. I am wondering if we might have a few things in common.

If you're like me, you:

- tried traditional school or home school, but still felt there needed to be more to education

- believe your children deserve a childhood without homework, constant testing, & pressure

- hope your children can learn real-world skills through hands-on projects

- would love your children to be in a small school where they are given individualized encouragement

- desire your child to be somewhere kind, with meaningful friendships & where learning to develop character and faith are valued

Even though I never expected to launch a school, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am very grateful God led our family to the Acton network.

If you are ready to reinvent education for your family, I encourage you to schedule a school tour. We look forward to meeting your family!



helping learners bloom
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Spark Studio Guide

Miranda was born and raised in Mobile & has earned her B.S. in Speech and Hearing Science from the University of South Alabama. She has used her education and training to provide ABA therapy to autistic children. Working with children brings her such joy & inspiration, watching them overcome challenges, make new discoveries, and grow. Miranda is looking forward to continuing to nurture children at Acton and says she intends to continually focus her thoughts and prayers on this school and its students.



Discovery Studio Guide

Hi! I’m Brandy, wife of Mark, and mom of three. I have had the joy and privilege of schooling my children at home for the last thirteen years. During this time I have been inspired by their abilities, discoveries, and achievements, but mostly, I have been inspired by watching them step into the destiny that God has ordained for them. Children are, indeed, a gift and my heart beats for them. I am so excited to be a part of Acton Academy Mobile where I will have theopportunity to celebrate each child there, encouraging them along their Hero’s Journey, and guiding them as they discover the path God has set before them: the path to success.



Bible Study Instructor

Melanie and her husband, Scott, have two daughters, Taylor and Ella. She serves as Children's Ministry Director at the local church, Luke 4:18 Fellowship. We are thrilled to have Mrs. Melanie in our Acton family. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a degree in Communicative Disorders, and also teaches ESL online. She loves the Lord, loves kids, and loves teaching!

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